Icelandic artist Sunna‘s ‘Hero Slave’ is a monument to not paying attention in class. A former member of Bloodgroup, she moved to Lausanne to take a degree in fine art. This move, however, presented language issues: “Hero Slave” is one of the first songs I wrote“, she told The Line Of Best Fit. “I was in an art history class and everything was in French, meaning I didn’t understand a word of it. Instead of sitting there idly, I started making music on my computer“.

In short then, Sunna found a productive way to use lost class time, because ‘Hero Slave’ is excellent. Built from enigmatic lyrics circling around an Alice In Wonderland echoing mysterious drink, it’s poised between heavy beats and a delicate riff, and all that comes together in track that doesn’t sound like too much else out there right now. It’s got a gravitational pull-level of strange appeal, and is so compelling that it’s hard to stay away from the replay button. Listen below.

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