As the eighth installment in their monthly series throughout 2017, ‘Space’ confirms that  SoleySin Fang and Örvar Smárson really are the gift that keeps on giving. Displaying an almost unfair amount of talent, the Icelandic musicians continue to charm and intrigue with this melodic and atmospheric single.

Described by MúmFM Belfast‘s Smárason as a “a psychedelic journey through space and marriage”, ‘Space’ features haunting piano chords, Soley’s otherworldly vocals and tense percussion. As a piece of music, it’s faultless – beautifully written and easily accessible, whilst retaining enough individuality to keep things fresh. This single will form the eighth of 12 songs to be collected on a vinyl album at the end of the year. If it wasn’t arriving in December, we’d say it was like Christmas coming early.

Catch up with previous singles in the series including ‘Love Will Leave You Cold’, ‘Citrus light‘ and the more recent ‘Tennis‘ on their Spotify playlist here, and take a listen to ‘Space’, released on 25th August on Morr Music for yourself below:

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