Nothing can turn on the waterworks quite like unrequited love. Describing herself as “the saddest girl in Sweden – now crying in Gothenburg”, this is something that songwriter Sarah Klang knows all too well. Her new song ‘Left Me On Fire’ is the perfect travelling companion for anyone who struggles with the emotional weight of a painful break-up.

‘Left Me On Fire’ is a wistful slice of downtempo Americana-pop imbued with reverb-drenched guitars and trembling organ sounds. The comfortingly familiar-sounding backdrop underpins Sarah Klang’s tender voice as it reaches into your heart with its blue ambience. The end result is a hauntingly beautiful track that’ll pull at your heartstrings and be your favourite, tear-stained sadness detox.

‘Left Me On Fire’ is a taster of Sarah Klang’s upcoming debut album, which will be released sometime in the near future. If you’re heading to Germany to catch some fresh tones at Reeperbahn Festival, you’re in luck:  she’ll be there on September 21st. Until then you can find ‘Left Me On Fire’ below:

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