There is something pleasingly familiar about Swedish lo-fi band Mauer. For those who cut their teeth on the countercultural treats of 90’s indie rock, Mauer’s new single ‘Ease The Pain’ will definitely recall the subversive kicks of Dinosaur Jr, Pavement or David Baker-era Mercury Rev. Comparisons aside, it’s not easy to sound staggeringly weighty and languorous one minute, then tightly wound and lucid the next. Yet, just like those aforementioned greats, ‘Ease The Pain’ pulls off this strange mix with confidence.

But there’s more. Mauer are themselves an eclectic bunch, being former members of the delightful SambasssdeurDouglas Heart and Astroqueen, among others. Mauer, it seems, is a place to bring different influences and experience and shape them into something new and exciting. “If I’m able to let it out / I’ll be able to let you in again” wails Svant Osbeck on the chorus, breaking through the destructive limitations of doubt, addictions and self-loathing. Again, taking a different perspective, ‘Ease The Pain’ also acknowledges the infinite patience of those around us who we love, who help us through it all.

The song is out now on Welfare Sounds, check it out immediately!

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