London-based duo Horixon and Norway’s Else Born (aka Turid Alida Solberg from synthpop duo Philco Fiction), team up once again!

The trio are no strangers to each other, having collaborated back in 2015 on single ‘Colours‘. Now the good flow continues with a brand new track titled ‘Hello’ – a soothing and chilled electronic composition, naturally accompanied by Else’s soft and dreamy vocals.

Else Born is a longstanding favourite here at Ja Ja Ja, as we have followed her catchy synthpop with a minimal edge in project Philco Fiction ever since 2011. UK producer duo Horixon consists of long time friends Andrew Armstrong and Joe Sambrook who decided to start doing music “just for fun” – and together they have created a fresh sounding club-vocal project.

‘Hello’ is out now via Belgium based label Eskimo Recordings, so go ahead and give the new track a listen below!

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