Psych-pop trio Great News hail from the everblooming music scene of Bergen, and whetted our appetite for a forthcoming EP with their marvellous February release ‘Falling’. Now, they’ve got a brand-new track ready for us – the kaleidoscopic single ‘Wonderfault’.

Jam-packed with compelling guitar licks and shimmering synths, ‘Wonderfault’ is an alluring portal to a spell-binding, retro-sounding wonderland. The lead singer (as well as a familiar face from Strange Hellos), Even Kjelby’s falsetto vocals float effortlessly above the throbbing groove, acting as an ethereal guiding star in the mesmerising daze. But what does “Wonderfault” mean, you might ask? Well, the band explains it like this: “The definition of Wonderfault is something that is beautifully broken or not needing to be completely flawless to be beautiful”.

‘Wonderfault’ is the title track of Great News’ upcoming EP, which will be released in October through Eget Selskap. If you’re on the lookout for some live dates, they’ll be heading to Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo soon. You can also just stay in cyberspace and listen to the sparkling ‘Wonderfault’ – check it out below!

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