We probably all have those days where everything seems to be against us and it’s incredibly tempting to take the easy way out and just stay in bed. The Reykjavík-based synth-pop band FM Belfast know how it feels. There’s good news, though: their new single ‘All My Power’ offers just the encouragement you need!

Whether it’s live or recorded music, FM Belfast are known for their contagious energy and despite the unmotivated subject matter, ‘All My Power’ is propelled by dynamic production as well. The lively track is swarmed in quirky electronic effects and insistent drum machine beats that’ll make even the worst sleepy heads want to get up and tap their feet!

‘All My Power’ will be featured on FM Belfast’s 4th album Island Broadcast, which will be released on November 2nd. Promising “music for dancing, washing dishes, traveling, exercising and enjoying life with your friends or even for the times when you’re feeling lonely and sad”, it’s certainly a release to look forward to! They’ll be playing at Iceland Airwaves in November as well as in Switzerland, Germany and Austria when they go on tour in December. You can listen to ‘All My Power’ below:

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