We’ve had to wait a whole year for fresh licks from Cina Polada, but since July we’ve been struck down twice by these Finnish indie-popmeisters; first came ‘Gloom‘ and now we find ourselves with the equally hooky ‘Nowhere’.

Obvious (to us at least) from the beginning, this Helsinki group can write incredibly catchy tracks and there are a lot more to come. Now a five-piece, having grown up from the bedroom pop of founding members Hilla and Tatu Miettinen, ‘Nowhere’ stays true to Cina Polada’s humble DIY roots, only applying a subtle gloss to the sound. The squally bass and off-kilter drum rumble along apace, racing a plucky and simply infectious guitar to the finish line. Weaving between them all, Hilla’s now familiar gently rousing voice cuts through, with a sharper edge here than before.

It’s rare that a band builds so well on its early potential, but Cina Polada have proved (twice now) that good things are worth waiting for. ‘Nowhere’ and ‘Gloom’ are on the band’s debut EP, released on 29th September via the ever-reliable Strangers Candy.

Photo credit: Petri Anttila

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