Takykardia is the somewhat misleading name of a new Danish quartet, given the leisurely ‘trip-soul’ vibes of their debut single, ‘Immortalized’.

Maintaining a slightly mysterious air, with little to find out about the band online, they cite Portishead and Solange as inspiration for their “warm, organic and atmospheric sound”. You wouldn’t lose any points if you were to throw Zero 7 or Rhye into the hat for a game of ‘sounds like’ either.

In the video to accompany the track, directed and edited by singer Luna Matz, we see her filmed in slow-motion, draped in a gold-leaf dress while singing about “floating in time”. There’s an obvious contrast between the expansive views of natural landscapes and others of washed out Bangladeshi city rooftops, but these blend seamlessly with the percussion throughout, creating a feeling of continuity. Matz’s voice really is a joy to listen to as well – comparably as gentle and haunting as that of Slow Skies‘ Karen Sheridan. Based on this debut single, we’ll look forward to hearing a lot more about Takykardia soon!

With the single released on the 18th August, watch the video for ‘Immortalized’ yourself below.

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