Kings Of Convenience fans are probably waiting for the debut solo album by Eirik Glambek Bøe, released under the Kommode moniker, with baited breath, and rightly so. Well, wait no more, friends! Analog Dance Music is out today via Brilliance Records, and to give you a taste of what you can expect, you can enjoy a video for his latest single, ‘Captain Of Your Sinking Ship’.

If Todd Terje and his compatriots haven’t already whacked a trademark on Norwegian Knitwear Disco, then perhaps Glambek Bøe ought to consider it, because the shimmy and shuffle of ‘Captain Of Your Sinking Ship’ is both a siren call to the dancefloor and the familiar embrace of a favourite cardigan. The muted softness of tones in the arrangement and hushed vocal exudes warmth and comfort, but there’s a playfulness still, and the insistent rhythm makes it hard to resist doing what should only be described as ‘a boogie’. It it’s definitely music to dance to, but a slightly reclined version, somehow, which makes it all the more charming.

Complimenting the song’s nostalgic vibe is a new session-styled video of a band performing in a room with a view of Bergen’s harbour. The accents of mustard yellow in the room’s lighting give the interior a subtle retro feel to fit with the song’s disco flavour, but the regular glimpses through the window out onto the rain-damp rootops of Bergen make you feel cosy (and happy to be indoors) with the band. There may not be any cool sweaters on display this time around, but it’s a fetching musical sweater to keep you warm all through autumn as we say farewell to summer for another year.

You can find out a little more about how Analog Dance Music came together and Eirik’s own music taste by checking out his fantastic Nordic Playlist! The album is out Brilliance Recordings – grab your copy right here, and check out the video of ‘Captain Of Your Sinking Ship’ below!

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