Finland’s Plastic Tones describe themselves as ‘DIY Powerpop’, and listening to their single ‘Ariel’ for even a millisecond will confirm that. Opening up with a lazy guitar riff, ‘Ariel’ kicks dramatically into life at the thirty second mark, and after that ,the energy levels don’t drop ’til the song cannonballs to its conclusion. It’s a high-octane, scuzzy rock’n’roller, a surf-pop song packed with scrappy melody and charm.

‘Ariel’ is part of Plastic Tones’ new release, a six track mini-album called Wash Me With Love, set for release this September. If the rest of it is anything as good as ‘Ariel’, it’ll be well worth adding to the fuzz-pop section of your record collection. Wash Me With Love drops on Svart Records on September 8th, and in the meantime listen to ‘Ariel’ below.

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