The London-based punk rock trio Dream Wife have been busy since they released their debut EP01 in 2016. With a lot of airplay, media coverage from all over the world and performances at SXSW and The Great Escape, it’s safe to say that they’ve been having the time of their lives! They keep going full steam ahead and have just released their new single ‘Fire’ – one of this month’s hottest tracks!

You might want to check if your speakers are fireproof, because Dream Wife are about to ignite an intense explosion of emotions. In the energetic ‘Fire’, flaming guitar riffs are mixed with hard-hitting drums in a gripping inferno of rock ‘n’ roll. The focal point of the lyrics is a special connection between two people – described by the electrifying, Icelandic lead singer Rakel Mjöll as she passionately sings: “Do you remember last night there was a fire? We danced and we screamed and we held each other tight. Do you remember, do you remember last night?”.

’Fire’ is the title track of Dream Wife’s forthcoming EP, which will be released on September 29th through Lucky Number. Their concert calendar is bulging as well – they’ll be heading to Hamburg for the famed Reeperbahn Festival in September and setting out on an extensive UK tour in October.

You can warm up by listening to the radiant ‘Fire’ below:

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