Astrid S, the pop-star who first found fame on the Norwegian version of Pop Idol, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Having achieved the nowadays obligatory Spotify streaming success with a remix of her single ‘2AM’, she’s currently making waves having provided vocals for one of BBC Radio 1’s track of the week, ‘Just For One Night’ by Blonde. Now, hot on the heels of the release of her debut Party’s Over EP, she’s back with a brand new single. And it’s a belter!

‘Think Before I Talk’ is perfect example of the winning formula that Astrid S has adopted so successfully to date: Infectious guitar riff? Check. Sugary-sweet vocals? Check. Snappy chorus? Check. It sounds like the kind of pop that Taylor Swift should be making these days. Even when writing a song as an apology for things said in the heat of the moment, as is the case with ‘Think Before I Talk’, you get the impression that Astrid S is one of those artists who simply just loves what they do – she has that kind of enthusiasm that’s hard to fake, and it translates into superb pop music.

‘Think Before I Talk’ is out now in the UK on Universal Music Group. With a ‘Party’s Over World Tour’ coming up in support of the EP, you can grab tickets here while you listen:

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