Malmö duo Wy are a favourite of everyone who likes their pop music to cry out of the hole in its heart, and the good news is that their debut album is drawing ever closer. Michel Gustafsson and Ebba Ågren announced Okay with the single ‘Bathrooms’ in April, and now they’re back with the follow-up and the second track to be taken from that record, ‘What Would I Ever Do’.

With their perpetual melancholia, Wy have always floated close to The xx sound and soul-wise, and the spacious atmosphere, delicate guitars and supple rhythms of ‘What Would I Ever Do’ definitely take inspiration from the London trio. With the prevalence of songs these days that seem written only to soundtrack the sad moments on soap operas, emotionally bruised songs like this can sound cheap and cynical if done wrong. That’s never been a problem for Wy, and it isn’t here either: no matter how many times they sing about how sad they are, it always hits hard and sounds real. If you need something to serenade you while you leave tear stains on your pillow, then ‘What Would I Ever Do’ is perfect.

Check the video for the track out below, and Wys debut album Okay is out on October 20th on Hybris/ Better Call Rob.

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