When the Copenhagen-based Ja Ja Ja-alumni M.I.L.K released his debut EP A Memory of a Memory of a Postcard he wanted it to reach further than just sound and MP3-files: “I really felt a need to create something physical for the EP. It’s so unsatisfying when everything ends up as streams and links and statistics and internet, internet, internet.”.  Therefore, he has not only created a stunning video for each of the 6 songs on the EP – he is also planning an exciting audio-visual exhibition tour.

The first video in the series evolves around M.I.L.K’s infectiously optimistic single ‘When You Feel Good’. It is a pleasant reminder that happiness causes a ripple effect. The video is an artistic collage of simple pleasures such as watching your girlfriend enjoy an ice cream and playing on the beach in the sun shown on 6 tv-screens.

The next video in the A Memory of a Memory of a Postcard series will be released on July 21st. The exhibition tour involves video installations, photo series and free concerts, and is set to visit Paris, London and Copenhagen in September. You can check out more about the project on M.I.L.K’s website, but don’t forget to watch the wonderful video for ‘When You Feel Good’ below!

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