Reykjavík-based singer/songwriter and producer, Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir, is familiar from delivering heavenly vocals as the lead singer of Icelandic music group Rökkurró over about the past 10 years. With her local radio hit ‘I’ll Walk With You’ from 2016, she’s now set out on an exciting electro-pop adventure as a solo artist. Using her first name Hildur, she has since released an impressive EP and her latest project is a mesmerising video for its first track ‘Full Of You’.

With help from Icelandic teenage dance troupe GRRRLS, Hildur conveys the story of a relationship running out of time. In a dark theatre, the teenage girls are dancing in a trance-like state, moving calmly to the solid beat, bathed in dim neon lights. Surrounded by the girls, Hildur fearlessly looks directly at the camera as she presents her ultimatum: “If you want my touch, if you want my love, I can’t wait no more”.  The brilliant combination of dark, powerful music, Hildur’s gentle, bright voice and the girls’ badass aura creates a spellbinding coolness that’ll make you want to watch the video over and over again.

’Full Of You’ can be found on Hildur’s debut EP Heart to Heart, which is out now via Alda Music. You can watch the hypnotizing music video below:

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