There is something otherworldly about Susanne Sundfør. That’s the only possible explanation for how she manages to continuously create songs that conjure up the most dramatic soundscapes imaginable. Songs containing powerfully raw, almost primal emotion. Songs capable of inducing goosebumps in even the most hardened of souls.

Her last album Ten Love Songs was undoubtedly one of the most spectacular albums of 2015, receiving critical acclaim and revealing an emotionally complex and unrivalled song-writing ability from the Norwegian. And on the current evidence, her upcoming album, Music For People In Trouble (due for release on the 25th August on Bella Union in the UK) looks set to continue that theme.

We’ve already been treated to the stunning first single from the album, ‘Undercover‘, a song which “feels like it has the emotional weight and authority of a classic, a near-future show-stopper.” Now there’s another single to enjoy. This time, it’s a collaboration with acclaimed fellow musician and adopted Icelander John Grant, called ‘Mountaineers’.

‘Mountaineers’ is a stirring, epic track, showcasing both songwriters’ ability to draw on a wide-range of musical styles, seemingly unrestricted by having to conform. There aren’t many artists who can pull off a drawn out, hymnal introduction that sounds like it was recorded in a monastery, but these two manage it with aplomb. When Sundfør’s vocals finally arrive, over two and a half minutes in, the stage is set – her formidable voice, soaring, almost angelic, finds a home amongst the sound of organ pipes and a choral backing. Sure, it doesn’t necessarily sound like your typical recipe for success, but as is often the case for this Norwegian singer, the result is quite simply breathtaking.

You can listen to ‘Mountaineers’ below and get tickets for the upcoming European tour in support of Music For People In Trouble here.

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