Malmö-based singer/songwriter Summer Heart (also known as David Alexander) certainly knows how to make the temperature rise with his music, and his latest single ‘Hotel Beds’ is no different – you can almost feel the warmth of the sun coming out from your speakers.

‘Hotel Beds’ is filled with nostalgic, sun-kissed 80’s-synths that’ll take you back to your best summer memory. The gorgeous tune renews Summer Heart’s characteristic chill-wave pop with an optimistic, tropical beat and keen, slick guitar riffs. His soft, mellow voice is the pleasantly dreamy icing on the cake in a song that’ll be perfect if you just want to close your eyes, lean back and soak up the sun.

‘Hotel Beds’ is the second single from Summer Heart’s upcoming record 101, which will be out on August 25th. If you’re in London, New York or Los Angeles, you can catch him live in September and October. If you’re not, there’s no need to be sad – you can experience Summer Heart’s sunlit sound right here by pressing play on the track below:

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