Bergen-based quartet Strange Hellos have an exceptional ability to write songs you can get lost in. Their unique mixture of dreamy, unpolished shoegaze, tender vocals and fast-growing power pop creates effervescent, emotive atmospheres that draw you in. Their latest, sunny single ‘Is It Me?’ is no exception.

Strange Hellos’ prior releases, such as the phenomenal ‘Monumental’ and ‘We Are Trouble’, have been a little heavier and more serious, whereas ‘Is It Me?’ radiates pleasant, feel-good vibes from start to finish. Despite the optimistic feel, the theme of the song seems to be the confusion of a wavering summer fling: “Every time she’s talking about me, I know she’s talking trash and every time she walks away I know she’s coming back”.

‘Is It Me?’ is released through Brilliance Records and is Strange Hellos’ fifth single as well as the perfect summery teaser for their much-anticipated debut album, which will be released on September 1st. The band consists of experienced musicians with ties to other great Norwegian bands such as Aurora, Great News and The Megaphonic Thrift. They are featured on our Norwegian edition of ‘5 Artists To Watch In 2017’, so hurry up and listen to ‘Is It Me?’ before your friends!

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