Being on your own doesn’t always equal loneliness. This is the premise of the Oslo-based folk artist Siv Jakobsen’s latest single ‘Not Alone’: “It’s a very personal one this one, born from my frustration about feeling as though we are made to feel alone and incomplete if we don’t have a significant other in our lives”, she explains on her Facebook page.

‘Not Alone’ is a delicate addition to Siv Jakobsen’s distinctively melancholic folk soundscape. The accompaniment is stripped down with only the warm, dark tone of an acoustic guitar and some tranquil whispers to accompany Siv Jakobsen’s beautiful, intimate voice. The bold simplicity gives the track a profound strength that makes the message of her thoughtful lyrics stand out.

With a spot on our Norwegian edition of ‘5 Artists To Watch In 2017!’, we have no doubt that this year is going to be a memorable one for Siv Jakobsen. First of all, the waiting time for her debut album The Nordic Mellow is almost over – it’ll be released on August 25th. On the track list, you’ll find ‘Not Alone’ as well as the two excellent singles ‘Like I Used To’ and ‘Shallow Digger’. Secondly, she’ll go on an extensive European tour this autumn – heading to the UK in October, and Germany, France and Switzerland in December.

If you aren’t already familiar with the wonderful Siv Jakobsen, you can listen to ‘Not Alone’ below:

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