Pole Siblings is a Finnish family affair, consisting of brother and sister duo Johan & Sofia Stolpe and ‘It Might Grow’ is the latest song to be released from their EP of the same name.

Their previous single, ‘Ghosts‘, was an emotional tale about the death of their father, and kicking off with a similarly melancholy sound, ‘It Might Grow’ is a comparably heartfelt song. Amongst the highlights is Sofia’s voice, striking in its delicateness, capable of sounding both hopeful and mournful. There’s a beautifully drawn out ending as well, with ‘It Might Grow’ fading as gently as it started.

The EP, recorded last summer with producer Petter Winnberg, features ‘Nog Va He Bra’ and ‘Los Angeles’ alongside ‘It Might Grow’ and ‘Ghosts’. For anyone looking to explore a collection of powerfully expressive songs, this EP is the perfect place to start.

Released on Strangers Candy in the UK on 16th June, check out ‘It Might Grow’ below:

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