Copenhagen’s Kill J had us hooked right from the beginning. Her unique mixture of dark beats, unapologetically honest lyrics and awe-inspiring, bright vocals on her 2016 release Quasi made it clear that she is something special. Since then she has released a few singles and delivered some sublime performances at the Ja Ja Ja shows in London and Vienna, but otherwise it’s been a little quiet. Not any longer! Her brand-new single ‘Gravity’ is out and it’s amazing!

Kill J, also known as Julie Aagaard, utilizss the delicate balance between power and vulnerability in her stunning, slightly trembling voice when she unfolds the story of ‘Gravity’.  It’s the rendition of being in a life crisis, where everything feels like total chaos, and then finding comfort in trusting the stability of the laws of nature. The strong, emotional intensity is ever-present in the floating, soft synths and the forceful beat as she sings: “Gravity, I fall to my knees”.

‘Gravity’ is the first single from Kill J’s upcoming album that will continue exploring the world of particle physics through song. ‘Gravity’ is out on all digital platforms via No3, so there’s no excuse for not listening to the brilliant track below:

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