This last February we looked at the queen of lo-fi (aka Shitkid)’s hit single ‘Sugar Town’. Not being one for takin’ it easy, she has since released multiple singles, an EP, video and her debut album Fish. So why not one more video for good luck? This time ‘Sugar Town’ gets its own visual masterpiece!

In the video, a red dressed Åsa Söderqvist drives around in a equally red Volvo and fights to the death on a parking lot. Make sure you keep watching so you don’t miss the pole limbo halfway, symbolic of how nothing can get in the way of an determined Shitkid.

‘Sugar Town’ is a part of both EP 2 and Fish and both can be found skulking around the world wide web. But you are also just a click away from watching the video… down below.

Photo: Moa Romanova

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