Stockholm-based Umeå-native Cajsa Siik creates emotive explosions in a wintry, new video for her dramatic pop song ‘White Noise’. It’s a captivating tale of dealing with confusion and clashing, uncontrollable emotions: “White noise, backwards, reasons I forgot behind in the light”.

The setting is a blinding, white landscape filled with rough snow and cold, bewildering fog. Despite the merciless environment, Cajsa Siik fights the mayhem and allows the viewer to feel every emotion through her movements and facial expressions. The result is a truly stunning video that manages to capture the mood of this impressive track that’s hard-hitting, gentle, and gripping all at the same time.

’White Noise’ is featured on Cajsa Siik’s brand new album DOMINO which is out via Birds Records and just lately, she’s been busy being the opening act for the Japanese-American indie rock musician Mitski at her shows in Ireland, Scandinavia and Germany. You can take a look at ‘White Noise’ below:

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