‘Childhood Dreams’ is the latest single from Norway’s ARY, which we reviewed here at Ja Ja Ja recently, and we’d hope it’s pretty obvious how much we loved it. It’s a “low-slung, pulsing dance track, taking the Norwegian’s sound very firmly into more urban, nighttime territory.” And now, there’s an exciting official video to accompany it.

The song gets underway with that irresistibly catchy, hummed hook that caught our attention before, backed shortly after by a simple kick drum and bass growl. The accompanying video is similarly simple, yet effective. A clever example of lyrics and visuals intertwining, ARY is seen to be walking forwards in front of a scene evolving in the opposite direction, all the while singing about “looking forward to go back.” It would have been easy to produce a video that distracted from the minimalistic nature of this track, but even at the end, with the light on ARY’s face dimmed, the focus remains firmly on her.

Out now on Petroleum Records, watch the video for ‘Childhood Dreams’ below:

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