We’re so in love with this project, and it’s not just because each of its orchestrators –  Sin Fang, sóley and Örvar Smárason  – have curated their very own editions of the Nordic Playlist in the past. It’s more because we know that each and every month, we’re going to be treated to an exceptional new creation from this incredibly gifted Icelandic trio. Not only are they collaborators, but they’re close friends, and there’s something about the intimacy of this relationship that has seeped through into each of their releases so far, which include ‘Love Will Leave You Cold’, and ‘Random Haiku Generator’.

Each and every month, the trio unite to release a brand new song that has been written, created and produced by all three of them. And every song arrives as a welcome addition to the musicians’ individual projects, Sóley having just released her latest album Endless Summer, Sin Fang dropping new music with Gangly, and Örvar Smárson continuing his phenomenal work with both múm and FM Belfast.

Opening up with softly lilting vocals from Sóley, ‘Citrus Light’ soon expands and flourishes, bringing harmonies from each of the members to accompany the delicately paced melody. The song fits perfectly into the band’s series of releases so far, so we highly recommend checking them all out – but start yourself off by with the latest, sumptuous release, ‘Citrus Light’, which you can hear right here at Ja Ja Ja.

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