No matter whatever happens, I will always think that Norwegian musician Susanne Sundfør‘s 2015 album Ten Love Songs was one of the best albums released this decade. This of course makes the news that she’s announced the follow-up a very, very good thing. Music For People In Trouble is set to be released through Bella Union on August 25th, with Sundfør stating: “We are living in a time of great changes. Everything is moving so rapidly, sometimes violently, sometimes dauntingly. I think a lot of people experience anxiety these days. I wanted to address these emotions on the album.”

The first single from that album is ‘Undercover’, and it tacks in a more singer-songwriter-y direction than the aggressive electro-pop that made up most of Ten Love Songs. It’s a piano ballad, and generally piano ballads are known as one of the dullest genres of song. However, with someone as talented as Sundfør, that does not apply. She’s got a voice with galaxies worth of star power, and ‘Undercover’ gives her plenty of opportunity to let that voice shine. With lines like “It wouldn’t even matter, if I didn’t even bother, to believe in a forever”, it already feels like it has the emotional weight and authority of a classic, a near-future show-stopper. That album can’t come soon enough. ‘Undercover’ is out now, and Sundfør is set to head out on tour this autumn, with the dates available here.

Photo: Raphael Chatelain

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