A long-time friend of Ja Ja Ja, Sandra Kolstad last performed at the Ja Ja Ja club night in Berlin in April and has now dropped the follow-up to single ‘Mango Corner’ which was received with much excitement.

The oh-so catchy ‘BLING BLING BLING’ is perhaps a step away from the multi-layered bombastic synth-pop of her previous efforts but her crystalline voice retains that beautiful ethereal quality. Recent material (such as her previous single ‘Mango Corner‘) feels more stripped back and immediate than we have seen her before.

The song deals with the feeling of rising to the top only to come crashing back down again. Lyrics like “Someone must have put a spell on my moon boots,” show that she remains enigmatic as ever.

Check out ‘BLING, BLING, BLING’ below and keep an ear out for the dulcet tones of Danish singer Asbjørn who also leant his vocals to the track.

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