The incredibly touching, personal musical stories which comprise Finnish artist Mikko Joensuu‘s Amen trilogy have reached an end. The series began just over a year ago with the album Amen 1 introducing us to Mikko’s intricate, almost devotional folk. Since then, his work has evolved, becoming the most profound mechanism to express his darkest emotions. Now in its third iteration, Amen 3, released on Svart Records last week is a beautiful and thought-provoking final act, summed up in the epic 19 minutes of ‘The Worst In Me’.

There’s so much we love about Mikko’s songwriting. By now we’re ready (just) for that heartbreaking, crackling voice. The way it effortlessly clings to the high notes but just as easily falls into a wash of lower, earthy vibrations. We’re familiar with the way he slowly builds layers of luscious sounds, like an artist preparing a canvas – purposefully and with vision. Yet, ‘The Worst In Me’, while still confessional in nature, channels a simple, inner confidence that wasn’t as obvious before. By way of closure, Amen 3 celebrates life with all its faults – by sharing your soul with the world, you can accept who you are and move on.

Mikko’s live performances are an immersive, and more visceral experience, moving our understanding of the themes in Amen to an entirely new level. He appeared at Ja Ja Ja in Berlin back in April, and we also caught him at Brighton’s The Great Escape Festival, aptly filling the One Church venue with both people and swathes of guitar. You can stream ‘The Worst In Me’ below, so sit back and let it pull your heart in every direction…

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