Prised from Lød‘s exciting debut EP out next month on Tough Love, ‘Folder’ bristles with shifty intensity and a desperation to dance.

From the count-in, it feels very much as if time itself is at stake. A persistent beat marks every half second, subtly dropping out here and there to throw things off balance. An equally gripping bass line and stripped-back guitar wrap themselves around the rhythm, while vocalist Søren Gade’s bursts of urgency pile on the pressure even more. Sung entirely in Danish, Lød are yet another band who ably demonstrate that language need not be a barrier to conveying emotional impact. It’s just when you’re falling into its apparent patterns, that ‘Folder’ switches up the pace, turning into a pincer attack of sniping guitars like the more chaotic explosions of fellow Danes Yung.

Labelled “trance punk” by some early commentators in Denmark, it’s clear their primary driver is to make you move. Whatever you want to call it, we love Lød for the pure, physical abandonment they inspire – we think you will too!

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