There are several iconic, romantic lines in the pantheon of music lyrics. There’s Bowie’s “We can beat them, forever and ever, Oh, we can be heroes, just for one day” from ‘Heroes’, or Morrissey’s double-decker bus fantasies from ‘There Is A Light And It Never Goes Out’, and hundreds of others. And now we can add another to the list, from Swedish duo Honeymilk‘s ‘Trip’: “Like a dog needs a lamppost, I need you“. We’re not even kidding, that line alone makes this song worth listening to, but luckily there are even more reasons than that.

Honeymilk are on the album trail at present, with their second record set for release this autumn. They’ve already released two singles from that, ‘Time Will Kill You’ (which we premiered here on Ja Ja Ja) and ‘The Nothing New‘. ‘Trip’ is the latest track from the album to be set loose, and if it’s any indicator of the record’s quality, we’re in for a treat.

This is sunny, breezy indie-pop of the highest quality, with skittering, nimble verses that evolve into a stunner of a chorus. Like a cat needs a litterbox, you need this song in your summer. ‘Trip’ is out now on Birds Records.

Photo: Ben Hansen

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