Following on from the singles ‘Nite Time‘ and ‘Good Things‘ from earlier this year, Danish electro pop duo FURNS are back with the genuine love song ‘China’.

Singer Monika Faludi and producer Mathias Dahl Andreasen are partners both musically and personally. Last year they got married, and the soothing and atmospheric single ‘China’ is the result of the great expectations they naturally had before the wedding, with simple, emotive lines like “You can hold me and I will stay for a lifetime. For a lifetime with you”.

Speaking of the song, they explain: “‘China’ is a sugary pop song that captures the cliché. We know that well. We wrote it in the days before we got married last year. Then we were particularly pleased with the happy expectation and feeling that if you just have love, you can do everything, even if your body sometimes is as weak as porcelain. Therefore the name ‘China’. We think that it has become a very straightforward pop song that you can listen to and enjoy. It is especially useful in the world today.”

FURNS released their self-titled debut album back in 2014 and the latest three singles are the first to arrive since the last year’s album Only Through Your Eyes. Tune in and have a listen to the new track below!

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