Icelandic singer/songwriter/producer einarIndra has released a song titled ‘Ripples’, yet another great track from one of Iceland’s most promising artists

‘Ripples’ contains all the electronic love and soul that earlier tracks from einarIndra have showcased, his sound-world best described as electronic soul, and like a spear, it pierces any hard shell your soul might be encased in.

Commenting on the latest song einarIndra said:

I just released my first track this year after an intense year of close relatives dying and at the same time having a newborn baby and the joy that brings which resulted in the song called ‘Ripples’. It is downtempo, ambient, emotional landscape electronic with somewhat dreamy vocals about this ever flowing circle of life and death.

‘Ripples’ was released on Icelandic label Möller Records, and be sure to check out einarIndra’s earlier material if you like what you hear!

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