Last month we introduced the delicate track ‘April Sun’ from Swedish artist Ji Nilsson – the first release since her 2015 EP Blue Is The Saddest Colour. Now she is back with another brilliant single from her upcoming album – the heartbreak anthem ‘Save Me For Later’.

Speaking of the single, Ji explains: “It’s about getting over an ex, or maybe rather about being over an ex. You’re in love with someone else, and do not mind what that ex think about now. The whole song is about “how little I care about you”, but if one did not care maybe you would not make such a song? I like double messages and undertones, so there’s plenty here. But it has power and it’s not like many of my other love songs, where I’m just totally sad and abandoned. There’s a drive to move on.”

The lovely pop gem ‘Save Me For Later’ is co-produced by fellow Swede¬†WoodzSTHLM – a producer she has collaborated with on a number of occasions previously – including last year’s ‘Make Me Blu’.

Ji Nilsson is releasing her debut album at the end of August or early September Рuntil then Рlisten to the fresh new track below!

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