‘Canada’ is the debut single from Danish duo WIINSTON, but given how assured it sounds, you’d think they’d been making this kind of music for years. If ‘Canada’ was a person, it’d be one of those effortlessly cool, instantly likeable types. You know, the friend we all have that you almost want to try and find a flaw with, but just can’t.

The pair behind WIINSTON, Alfred Thomas and Daniel Wagtmann, have maintained an air of mystery about themselves, with information on the duo being fairly hard to come by and just one song available for listening on their SoundCloud page. But when the music can do the talking for you as well as ‘Canada’ does, it all adds to the allure. This is a solid piece of modern, electro-tinged R&B. Like a beefed up Bon Iver, it starts off superbly understated before building up to a laid-back, but driving groove. The layered vocals are silky smooth and define the overall vibe of this song – slick, crisp and fresh. With a laid-back video to accompany the single, ‘Canada’ is a undeniably stunning debut offering from the Danish duo. Make no mistake about it, these boys are one to watch.

Out now, feast your eyes and ears on ‘Canada’ below:

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