It’s been a big year for Communions so far. They’ve been releasing music since 2014, and the Danish quartet (vocalist Martin Rehof, bassist Mads Rehof, guitarist Jacob van Deurs Formann, drummer Frederik Lind K√∂ppen) finally released their debut full-length record Blue this February. And now they’ve pulled one of the standout tracks from that record for the single treatment, and so we have a video for ‘It’s Like Air’.

90’s rock has always been a strong influence on Communions‘ music, and the ghost of early Oasis is especially present on ‘It’s Like Air’, both in the guitar and Martin Rehof’s vocal drawl. It’s a supremely listenable song, a rolling wave of guitar swagger paired with a big ol’ chorus. And the video sees the band eat sushi, get haircuts, hang out at what seems to be a wedding/ funeral, and do more band stuff like that.

Blue is out now on Fat Possum and Communions play The Great Escape in May.

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