It wasn’t long ago that we heard a new track called ‘Losing Is No Option’ from Finnish rapper Biniyam, and after seeing some mysterious short videos on social media we were guessing that a new music video was in the making for that song. Now we have a music video, but it’s for a completely new track called ‘Watch Out’. Compared to his earlier material the new song has a surprisingly organic beat, with a simple guitar riff taking a central part. With that in the background, Biniyam throws out a series of verbal images and pop culture references, like:

“Baby I feel like Lenny Kravitz. Mama said I’m Crash Bandicoot with better graphics. Mama said that God got us, baby no panic. Blame it on my skin, oh I’m so dramatic”

When beat and lyrics come together the track oozes swag, but in the middle of all the cool there are serious issues to bring to light. Right after the lyrics on skin, Biniyam continues:

“Different rules, we got different rules. Went to different schools, we from different schools”

This seems to signal what it means to not look like the majority in your home country, something that the majority is often blissfully unaware of. Biniyam, born in Finland but with roots in both Ethiopia and Germany, tells us that the requirement on how to fit in changes when people have different expectations of you depending on your complexion. In other words, prejudice.

In an interview that Biniyam gave to a project called Brand New Helsinki, he says the following: “Since I’m seen as an immigrant, I feel I have a different responsibility on how I behave. How I act affects the overall image of immigrants. That’s why, with my behaviour, I want to change the image of immigrants in a more positive direction.

The song is released by Cocoa Music and the amazing music video for the song was created by Dermot Gallagher, a Helsinki-based animator and director originally from Northern Ireland. Check it out below.

Photo by Eino Manner

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