Quickly turning into one of our favourite collaborative projects of ALL TIME(!), the fantastic talents Sin Fang, Sóley and Örvar Smárason have once again unified this month, as they release their latest single ‘Black Screen’!

The song follows on from previous releases ‘Love Will Leave You Cold‘, ‘Random Haiku Generator‘ and ‘Wasted‘, where we’ve seen the friends join forces to bring us a brand new track at the end of each month in 2017.

One of the more upbeat releases from the series so far, ‘Black Screen’ continues with traditions laid out in their previous tracks, as each musician takes it in turn to lead the song. Three bold voices continually exchange roles as the music moves on, with lead vocals sinking into harmonies and a driving electronic melody underpinning the lyrics.

Sóley in particular is on a roll at the moment, preparing to release her brand new album Endless Summer on the 19th May. So as we impatiently count down the days to the album’s release, let’s dive into the latest release from this fantastic project – tune in to ‘Black Screen’ below!

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