For all you fans of Hater out there (and if you’re not a fan of Hater, what on earth is wrong with you?), we’ve got something exciting to bring to your attention. The band’s Lukas Thomasson, along with Ola Sandberg of Lyrae, has a new project, Sweden’s The Moonlight Love. The duo are signed up to Dalarna label Stranger’s Candy, and put out a first single called ‘Loyal‘ a month back. Now they’ve got another, ‘Fail Myself’.

Fans of melancholic dream-pop will find a lot to like here. ‘Fail Myself’ is a slow-tempo, reflective song, hypnotic guitar lines blending with splashes of synth to create something dense and heavy, that wears its emotional vulnerability on its sleeve. That’s all part of the appeal, and ‘Fail Myself’ is gloomy indie done right.

Both this song and ‘Loyal’ are both on The Moonlight Love‘s debut EP Around Your Neck, which dropped on the 12th May, so check out ‘Fail Myself’ below.

Photo: Matilda Arborelius

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