Ever since her debut in 2015, Danish garage pop princess Soleima has been dropping one catchy single after the other, including ‘Cracks‘ and ‘Breathe (ft. Hoodboi)‘. Not only is Soleima one of the most exciting artists to come out of Copenhagen’s iconic music scene at the moment, she has quickly become a live favourite, playing at festivals such as Roskilde in Denmark, by:Larm in Norway and The Great Escape in England later this month. Following her solid set at our very own Ja Ja Ja Ja London Club Night back in March, the energetic songbird recently released her debut mini album entitled NO. 14, which introduces us to the brand new track ‘Mascarade’!

Believe me when I say that ‘Mascarade’ will be the soundtrack of your summer: it provides some sublime funky beats, it’s packed with tropical synths, and Soleima’s voice sounds as sweet as ripe strawberries taste. As always, she masters mixing her velvety pop sound with the perfect level of quirkiness and the track aims to describe some of the feelings she has been dealing with recently.

In an interview with Ja Ja Ja, Soleima said: “I guess, like many others these days, I am affected by what is happening in the world. Often hit by a feeling of hopelessness because everything does look pretty black right now. […] So many of the songs are dealing with the ambiguity of wanting to run away and escape, but also feeling guilty about having that opportunity.”

Relatable, right? Let’s indulge in some everyday escapism with Soleima’s ‘Mascarade’, which you can tune in to below!

NO. 14 was released via Parlophone on April 21st.

Photo: Dennis Morton

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