From the first pulses of ominous, bassy synths on ‘Mirrors’ it’s clear that Gothenburg’s Mira Aasma is not here with any old standard synth-pop-by-numbers offering.

Though it doesn’t reveal its secrets straight away, ‘Mirrors’ is definitely pop – unquestionably, and unabashedly. The sudden lift and change in momentum when the chorus hits is almost unexpected, and when the arpeggiating synth line combines with the beat, it gives the song a fragrance of New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’. The switch back to a more sparse arrangement could be jarring, but isn’t – there’s a murky undercurrent to ‘Mirrors’ which navigates the song into much more interesting territory.

‘Mirrors’ appears on Mira Aasma’s self-titled debut album, which is out now via¬†Birds Records¬† – take a listen below.

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