Lapalux is English producer Stuart Howard, and he’s got a new album on the way, Ruinism, his third, which will be out on Los Angeles label BRAINFEEDER on June 30th. He’s also just released a new single ‘Flickering’, for which he’s managed to recruit Icelandic super-artist JFDR, who has taken some time out from her approximately 7867 other projects, to lend guest vocals to the track.

‘Flickering’ is a soft and dark track, a dream cloud that pulls you deep into the fog. It’s a pretty minimalist construction, built around a steady beat, chilly electronics and not a lot else. Despite that, it feels like a big song, one that spreads into space and blooms into something fragile, but full of power and sombre beauty. JFDR’s vocal, moving between a half-murmur and a stretched breath, meshes in perfectly and give the song its emotional voice, putting into words the feelings and tensions moving about in the music. It’s a subtle track, but one that deserves the time taken to fully appreciate it. Listen below.

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