Nothing says ‘enigmatic producer’ like pictures of disembodied CG limbs, right?

Jesting aside, Goss has been cultivating his visual aesthetic in tandem with carving his own musical niche, whilst remaining resolutely anonymous. It all works on an old principle: treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen – he gives nothing away, and we yearn for more. Finally, we at least get a body of work to obsess over until he decides to pull back the curtain in a grand reveal: the Healthcare EP, which features the early singles ‘I Want To Know???‘ and ‘Waterfall‘ alongside his most recent offerings ‘Soo Bad’ and ‘Ijotwiyda‘.

On ‘Ijotwiyda‘ we meet a slightly more understated, contemplative incarnation of Goss, with an impassioned and heartfelt vocal delivery over an incredibly sparse arrangement. Just the barest pulses of synths serve as a backing, along with fragments of beats clattering out like loose change falling out of a pocket. ‘Soo Bad’ is a little more like the Goss we know and love (OK, ‘know’ is a bit of a stretch, granted) in that it’s got deep bass tones and bright, contemporary synth sounds which inflate and and occupy your attention like shiny balloons. All this powers a pretty gigantic chorus, along with his typically loose grip on standard, fuddy-duddy English. Add as many vowels and punctuation as you want, Goss! We’re on board, either way.

‘Less is more’ or so they say, and here we have Goss giving us a near-faultless body of work but witholding any tangible information about himself as an artist. Who is Goss? Is he a virtual pop idol along the lines of Hatsune Miku? Is he Captain Ordinary, tending bar in a grubby Copenhagen dive? Is he another alias of Dev Hynes/Blood Orange, just messing with all of our pop sensibilities? Is he Max Martin, and the whole ‘Danish’ thing is just a ruse? Is he actually just really, really shy? Does it matter? Answer: no, it doesn’t. What matters is that you go get a copy of Healthcare, and we’re sure he’ll give us more disembodied CG limbs to enjoy as and when he chooses to do so – in the meantime, check out ‘Soo Bad’ and ‘Ijotwiyda‘ along with the rest of the EP below.

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