The sun is shining, you are lying by the pool and suddenly someone remarkable catches your eye. There is no feeling quite like being in love in the summertime. It can be difficult to focus, though, when your heart is pounding and the face of your irresistible love interest occupies your thoughts every second of the day. It’s like diving head first from the deep end. The rush of happiness surrounds you like a fog and in many ways, it’s just the same as taking a drug. This is the focal point in the Copenhagen-based duo Blondage’s new electro-tropical track ‘Stoned’.

With a solid, enthralling beat and some playful electronic effects, you can immediately recognise the characteristic sound of Blondage when you listen to ‘Stoned’ for the first time. It’s got a lively, indomitable punch to it and the compelling energy level makes it an instant hit. At the same time Blondage manage to mix the heavy beat with a light-hearted and flirty vibe – the contrast gives the typical summer love story an interesting twist. The sweet and slightly husky voice of Pernille Smith-Sivertsen describes the feeling of being high on love in the chorus: “I got stoned out of love. I won’t give in to nobody else”. When Esben Andersen’s dark, crisp vocals are introduced the song becomes a complementary duet spiced up with some vocal effects from time to time. ‘Stoned’ is truly a luscious tune, which will bring the elation of your last crush back.

Blondage released their eponymous debut EP in the fall of 2016. Currently they are working full steam ahead on releasing some more tracks soon. A cool video for ‘Stoned’ is also on its way, so there is indeed a lot to look forward to from the duo in the months to come. While you wait, you can get in the mood for a (hopefully) fantastic summer by listening to ‘Stoned’ below:

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