Sometimes life can be rough. You can lose your grip on things, feel broken and question the path you’re on. With equal amounts of broken-hearted melancholy and strong-willed persistence, Reykjavík-based musician Axel Flóvent has written an inspirational tune to help you get through the hardships. The folk-pop ballad, Quiet Eyes’, is an incredibly beautiful musical tale you won’t want to miss!

The song starts with some atmospheric, emotion-filled synths, which immediately set the mood. Then bass, drums, guitar and piano initiate a blue, easy-paced waltz. As the verse starts, Flóvent sings with a tender falsetto and every subtle detail of his vulnerability and sadness is tangible. The chorus is a stirring reminder to take a deep breath, see where you’re at and regain your sense of direction, conveyed with a more powerful and determined voice. The urge to let go of built-up frustrations and bawl your eyes out is ever-present in this track – it’s an inviting and sympathetic shoulder to cry on. In the end, only the gentle strums of an acoustic guitar and a wistful melody played by the piano are left. The sound fades out, but the song will definitely stay with you for a while.

The talented singer/songwriter is gaining more and more recognition for his delicate soundscapes, and he will be supporting his compatriot Ásgeir on his European tour in May. His new single ‘Quiet Eyes’ will be featured on an eponymous EP, to be released on May 9th through Epic/Sony. If you know someone who needs some warm thoughts and a musical hug, you should send them the track below:

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