Almost one year after the release of the debut EP Tryst, Swedish/US-duo Djustin have dropped their first full length album Voyagers. The electro-pop duo have, over the last few months, been giving us a few tastes from the forthcoming album, and now we are delighted to introduce the latest track ‘Birthday’.

Djustin consist of Johan Angergård, known from the bands Acid House Kings and Club 8, to mention a few – and American singer Rose Suau from the indie pop band Shoestrings. Johan and Rose started their musical relationship with a mutual admiration of each other’s musical projects. They continued as pen-pals, and now they have a long distance relationship – creating music together on their respective sides of the Atlantic.

‘Birthday’ is a purely electronic song with a pulsating synth-driven beat, led by Rose Suau’s soft and dreamy vocal line, and is taken from their debut album which arrived on May 5th via Labrador Recordsa.

Photo: Bengt Rahm

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