Photo: Tekla Vály

Finnish alternative-pop/electronic duo Phantom released ‘Dance’ as a single earlier this year, ahead of the release of their album MMXII. We already featured the song, paying tribute to it as “a moving and emotional song about love and lust” and now, there’s a striking new video to go with it.

Directed and edited by fellow Finn Teemu Antero, the video kicks off with a somewhat menacing introduction, in keeping with the single. We’re treated to flashes of light as the lyrics kick in, but the contrast of darkness and light continues throughout. As Hanna Toivonen sings “Let me see your beauty in the darkness of your heart”, this contrast becomes the perfect visual accompaniment to the song unfolding alongside it. The result is a hypnotic clash of darkness and light, a smart nod to the mention of the same in the lyrics to ‘Dance’.

With the album MMXII released on 24th February, check out the video to ‘Dance’ for yourself below:

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