You’ve bought a nice suit, made sure that your hair is neatly combed and used tons of cologne. It’s your prom night and you have done everything in your power to be ready to impress the cute girl you like. Nervously, you go down the stairs to immortalise this special occasion in the obligatory prom photo. Your hands are shaking as you put your arm around her waist. Later she drags you out on the dance floor and you share your first kiss. Not only that: She leads you to a secluded room, pushes you onto a bed and starts kissing you again. Jackpot! This is better than you ever imagined it would be. Then you feel an immense pain in your neck. It turns out that your dream girl is a vampire. Tough luck is probably an understatement.

The Oslo-based experimental pop quintet, HAJK, has certainly made a surprising high school horror story in their latest music video for the song Nothing Left To Say’. The anticipation, the racing heart, the temptation, and other unruly, youthful feelings is ever-present in the irresistible love song from their self-titled debut album, which was released in February and they’ve done a really great job capturing those feelings in the video as well. With the chorus saying: “Everything is wrong, but it feels so right. I’m not sure how to tell day from night” the storyline of the video is really quite fitting. The funky bass-lines, exotic bongos and glowing synths also makes ‘Nothing Left To Say’ a song you could easily imagine yourself asking your crush to dance to. So even though your first date (hopefully) wasn’t a vampire, you’ll still relive those bubbly, infatuated feelings when watching the video below.

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