We love a good remix here at the Nordic Playlist, so much so that we celebrated the end of 2016 by compiling a mammoth playlist packed full of our favourites! And the good tunes keep on coming, as demonstrated in this week’s Trenda: New Nordic Pop Playlist!

Updated on a weekly basis to present the best emerging pop from the north, the Trenda playlist is a one stop shop for Nordic music discovery – and this week we’ve highlighted four remixes that we’re particularly into.

Rytmeklubben are first up, with their remix of fellow Norwegian artist Ylva‘s track ‘Hear You Sing’! The remix lands hot on the heels of the outfit’s latest single ‘Like That‘, which dropped back in February and is now hurtling towards the 3 million stream mark on Spotify. Their latest remix effort takes Ylva’s original track and adds fiery electronic flourishes that make Ylva’s powerful voice feel even more central to the track. Sound cool? It is.

Seeb have taken on the herculean task of trying to make Norwegian production super-duo Stargate‘s debut single ‘Waterfall’ even more catchy. The song, which features both P!nk AND Sia on vocals, has been given a tropical twist by the Norwegian compatriots, adding new dynamic dimensions and flavours to the power pop track.

Other honourable mentions this week go to US duo Party Pupils, whose remix of Denmark’s Urban Cone and their latest single ‘Old School’ channels pure party sounds derived from 90s house. And let’s not forget Sweden’s Lucas Nord who’s lent his hand to fellow Swede Ana Diaz‘s latest effort ‘Vet Du Jag Är Över Dig’. Hear this and much more in our latest playlist update!

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