When Norwegian-English duo Tuvaband (Tuva Hellum Marschauser and Simon Would) released their debut double-single ‘Unknown’/ ‘(It’s Not About) Running’ in 2016, they probably weren’t expecting it to explode as much as it did. But their folk sound suddenly won them an enormous wave of fans, with ‘Unknown’ alone racking up over six million Spotify streams to date. So it’s probably fair to say that a lot of people are excited for their latest┬ásingle, ‘Everything We Do Is Wrong’.

‘Everything We Do Is Wrong’┬áreveals another side to the group’s sound – it still retains the fragile beauty that defined the first two singles, but it has a more lush, layered sound. Marschauser’s vocal winds around piano notes and though effects and echoes, but it remains the star of the show, a crystal-cut voice that ┬áserves as the soul of Tuvaband’s sound. ‘Everything We Do Is Wrong’ shows that Tuvaband have wider borders than just being a folk band, and we can’t wait to see where they go next. ‘Everything We Do Is Wrong’ is out now on Diamond Club.

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